Red Panda Socks



NEW! These particular red pandas are peaking out above the ankles, observing human life with a tinge of trepidation and a glimmer of hope. They wonder, “could this human help me with my habitat loss issue? could that human help protect me from poaching?”

Find out what the Red Panda Network is doing to help red pandas and other animals that share their ecosystem. Click here.


Combed COTTON, with a tiny bit of Elasthane, spandex and polyester for stretch.


  • Mid-calf length
  • Medium thickness
  • Reinforced heal and toe

Care Instructions:

If you want your socks to last forever we recommend the following:

  1. turn the socks inside out
  2. wash them cold with like colors
  3. tumble dry on low heat

Our socks are made of cotton and will shrink a little bit after the first wash… so be aware of that!


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Adorable socks and such great quality! Some of my favorite socks to wear at work at the hospital when I'm on my feet for 12 hours!

Cynthia S.
Great socks & great cause

Fun, wonderful product—made great gifts that all enjoyed!

David S.
High quality socks

I love novelty socks, but often they are really low quality. Not here. If they last a good long time without getting stretched out or growing holes in the heels I'll definitely be buying more pairs.

Katheryn M.
Love the socks

This was our second order and we love that each of the animals will gain some support. As we are gifting the socks to make others aware a copy of the information card for each pair of socks should be included. They weren't on this second order. But love the socks. Will be back for more

JoAnn B.

Red Panda socks were a birthday gift for my grandson. He loves them--and so do I. The purchase was a literal win-win. The pandas win--and so does my grandson! Socks are high quality and whimsical. And the pandas (and other wildlife) will benefit. Thanks. We'll be back for more!