Hyacinth Macaw Socks



These are socks. If you look closer you see that the smart pattern is actually a slew of Brazilian Hyacinth Macaws in mid-flight. Magnificent! If this sock had been made in the 80s, there would only be, like, one or two birds on it because they almost went extinct in the 80s!!

Learn about how The Hyacinth Macaw Institute is helping these birds make a comeback.


Combed COTTON, with a tiny bit of Elasthane, spandex and polyester for stretch.


  • Mid-calf length
  • Medium thickness
  • Reinforced heal and toe

Care Instructions:

If you want your socks to last forever we recommend the following:

  1. turn the socks inside out
  2. wash them cold with like colors
  3. tumble dry on low heat

Our socks are made of cotton and will shrink a little bit after the first wash… so be aware of that!